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What is Light Meditation?


Light Meditation is an important tool that accelerates our spiritual growth.


The use of light in energy work and meditative exercises produces a transformation of our energy body. This affects us on all levels, having an influence on health, emotions, mental abilities and intuition, as well as helping development of clairvoyant and clairaudiant capabilities.


Through experiments, professor Fritz Albert Popp (bio-physicist) already discovered in 1975 that all cells of humans, animals and plants use light for exchanging information. Without communication with light, life could not exist.

Licht-Meditation - Sein, Gesundheit, Emotionen

The key techniques taught in workshops by Gerrit Jahn are the result of channeled messages from Emmanuel, a being from a higher dimension. In this way a unique light meditation was created, which is especially important during these current times, because for 2012 and the global changes a suitable acceleration of spiritual growth of individuals and mankind is necessary.

Licht-Mediation - globale Veränderungen

Regrettably some people label lightwork, yoga, 2012, channeling and other esoteric topics as "the work of the devil" or even consider them sectarian. Their criticism is based merely on opinions, not on facts, and simply shows lack of understanding for the issues.

Licht-Meditation - Materie und Energie

Nowadays there are clear indications from research and science, especially quantum physics, showing that there are much deeper connections between matter and energy than is commonly thought.



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